Premier Lifestyles



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                            As a luxury services company, we have an amazing team of experts ready to support, advise and assist you in every aspect of luxury ownership,
               management and operations. Whatever your desires may be, our innovative team will handle all your requirements with the utmost professionalism and discretion.
                                    Owning a Luxury should be an enjoyable experience. We’re here to make sure it stays that way and look forward to being of service.


           Owning a large luxury demands professional
            expertise and extensive market knowledge.
            PTPL specialize in the sale and purchase of
     luxuries, whether it be aircrafts or yachts or islands.
         Our team of brokers is in regular contact with
         thousands of luxury manufacturers, brokers &
     owners worldwide. Our advanced database allows
   us to bring buyers and sellers together ergonomically
       in today’s global market to avail best features
                              at great economy.


              Maintaining a luxury is a serious business
          requiring highly-skilled experts to understand
                      the rapidly changing technical,
              administrative and regulatory standards.
            There is enormous increase in the size and
       complexity of private luxuries. Our management
     team is here to help you maintain the value of your
       asset and allow you time to relax and enjoy the
            benefits of owning a Luxury without the
        trouble of personnel, licensing, management
                                  and operations.

Fractional Share

            Fraction Luxury Ownership provides benefits
  of full ownership without the management responsibilities
                  at a fraction of the cost of owning the
         whole Luxury. You purchase and retain financial
          and legal control over your fractional asset in a
    specific Luxury registered with Regulatory Authorities.
           PTPL manages your interest and provides total
                 personnel management, trip scheduling,
                 catering, ground transportation, and all
                            operations & maintenance.